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Monica Owens Has A History Of Romance In Her Blood…The First Novel She Wrote (In The 5th Grade) Was A Romance And She’s Built On That Foundation Ever Since. Married For Close To 20 Years To Her Very Best Friend, Monica Always Wants A Happy Ending In The Books She Reads And The Stories She Writes. Life Is Sometimes A Bumpy Ride And Monica Throws All Kinds Of Things At Her Characters To See How They React. The Biggest Struggles Are Not Always External So You Won’t Always See A Big, Bad Scary Monster Trying To Tear Two People Apart. Monica Works A 9 To 5 Job But Is Always Thinking Of Her Stories, Her Characters, Her World. She Is Also The Author Of The Popular Jillian Christie Series.
* NEW • Fallen Demon ~ Fallen Angels Series 1
by Monica Owens
* NEW • Fallen Daughters ~ Fallen Angels Series 2
by Monica Owens
* NEW • Fallen Justice ~ Fallen Angels Series 3
by Monica Owens
* NEW • Fallen Grace ~ Fallen Angels Series 4
by Monica Owens
* NEW • Fallen Hunters - Bacchus
by Monica Owens
* NEW • Fallen Fire
by Monica Owens
* NEW • Fallen Rose
by Monica Owens

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