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With A Twist - by Heather Peters
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Category: Contemporary Romance, Younger Man & Older Woman
Length: Novelette
MSRP/List Price: $4.50
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Forty year old Ava Denotti needs a hefty dose of self-confidence.  Can she get it from the twenty-nine year old  former fiance of the woman that ran off with her husband?
Tattooed, Bad boy Shane Sullivan is determined to make up for the time he wasted with the wrong woman.  He's finally given the opportunity to pursue an attraction that's always been forbidden. Sexy Ava Denotti is all woman, and he wants her- in every position possible, and he wants her bad.
The two kicked to the curb ex's prove the end of one relationship can often be the beginning of something so much better. And falling in love can be a sweet revenge.

To My Readers:
You'll want to read With a Twist because it's based partly, on something that happened to me a long time ago. Being a divorced woman at 42 after 23 years of marriage, I was pretty much in the dark about men; I'd been brought up Catholic, and only had one man in my life: my husband. 

During my separation, I met a 27 year old handsome guy,  a very sweet former Navy jet mechanic, with dark brown bedroom eyes, who helped me program a new computer. He was the cousin of a dear friend, and I fell for his bad boy looks, his tattoos and attitude.

But he treated me as if I was on a pedestal.  We liked each other a lot, but unfortunately, and to his credit, he wouldn’t approach me romantically because I wasn’t divorced yet. By the time I did get my divorce many months later, we'd lost touch. I lost that chance of just having maybe one night with this guy.  I never forgot him, and it's been 12 years since I've seen him.

But I did catch him on Facebook, and friended him; our exchange was polite, but nothing more. I wrote With a Twist to fulfill my fantasy of the older woman and her younger soul mate. Ava Denotti is that woman, and Shane Sullivan is my vision of a love that was never fulfilled.

About the Author:  
Hey, I’m just a girl who loves to write ever since I read my first romance back in the Dark Ages; I’m 57 (the new 47, I’m told..lol…) overweight, and love to eat (hey I’m Italian!) And I love the feeling of a book in my hands, and to open the first page and know I am entering a fantasy world where I can lose myself within those pages. There is nothing like being in love with…..being in love. I collect children's versions of the timeless (and my favorite) fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, to me the greatest love story ever told.



ISBN: 9781603107648 1603107649 Publication Date: 01/2011
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